Issue: Unemployment Benefits Are Far Too Low


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Unemployment funding per worker considered to be low:

With the economic downturn, politicians and welfare organizations have been lobbying for payment increase in federal unemployment benefits. These are the same individuals who have been out of work and who are giving support to Bill Shorten, the country’s Employment Minister. Shorten is strongly supporting an increase in jobless benefits.

Shorten said it’s becoming difficult for an average qualified unemployed worker to be receiving low paying benefits. He also indicated that Australians may not have enough to live day by day with the amount they’re given, according the country’s paper, The Australian.

Shorten continued further that the Gillard administration doesn’t care much for its unemployed workers in terms of the shortcomings of the proposed Newstart Allowance program.Begin Unemployment Benefits Signup

“Ever since I took my place as an employment minister nearly a year ago, I’ve been keeping my ears open to the negative aspects of the Newstart’s Allowance program. I’m saddened to see the ill effects of the program and the unequal jobless benefit allowance given every week,” Shorten complained. “It’s important to make careful considerations when it comes to dealing with the national budget for its citizens.”

He went on saying, “The Gillard administration is forgetting that they’re dealing with the lives of its Australian citizens. It’s all about recognizing those hard workers who deserve it the most.”

The outspoken ministry mentioned previously his support for his department’s ability to keep benefit payments low. Low payments are purposely made to help encourage unemployed workers to seek for job opportunities regardless if it’s a minimal earning job.

Shorten does admit that increasing the price value of jobless benefits can be a little difficult due to the current economical status of the country.

Several inquiries pushed the Senate to verify further on the Newstart Allowance. Report on the program is said to be due by the end of next month. Inquiries all point to the government to increase jobless benefit payments.